Monday, March 12, 2012

Korupsi, salah guna kuasa: Siapa kuali, siapa belanga?

Nota: Mungkin ramai yang tertanya-tanya. Ikuti kupasan blogger Just Read untuk mendapat sedikit gambaran mengenainya. Bagi pegawai-pegawai kerajaan tertentu (bukan semua, kerana saya yakin masih ramai yang ikhlas dan tidak menyalah gunakan kuasa dan kedudukan untuk makan duit haram), jangan dikambing hitamkan BN dan UMNO disebabkan perselisihan peribadi dan kepentingan diri dan kelompok masing-masing. 

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely - John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902)

Ia berlaku bukan sahaja di kalangan ahli politik, tetapi juga di kalangan pegawai kerajaan, kapten GLC dan tidak terkecuali para blogger dan cybertrooper.  

So, Najib is 'chief of criminals'?

I tend to agree that when low-ranking policemen commit a crime or mistake, their bosses would spare no time in taking action. If there is a need to suspend, sack or send them to jail, it will be done without prejudice as 'the law must be upheld'.

However, when senior police officials are involved in wrongdoings, including graft, their subordinates and top brass are bound to provide them with cover ups. Although a few big cases were leaked out and ended up in courts, I (and many others) believe the 'devils' are still at large.

The police force is also plagued with politics, internal politics. When favoritism is at its thickness, personal feud among top personnel cannot be avoided. Adverse reports and poison-pen letters become a common avenue for back-stabbing.

But its even more ugly when retired senior police officers began to make open statements to the media about others, including the government and the Prime Minister. It is well understood why they took such an opportunity in retirement to say such things. Had they did it during service, for sure they would end up in cold storage.

Its becoming a trend of late. I have seen and heard ex-senior policemen, former Members of Parliament and retired judges and top-ranking government officials making derogatory remarks about almost anything - from politics to the manner PM administers the government and the country.

I have seen some retired top brass government officers joining the opposition immediately after retiring. Had they done it while in service, their chance to elevate their position would possibly put to a halt.

And they still enjoy getting government pension.

Back to this police melodrama. I was having coffee with a few friends at a hotel in PJ last night when a text message came in. It reads: "Ramli Yusof (ex-CCID chief) says Musa Hassan (ex-IGP) provided protection to Johor kingpin Goh Cheng Poh aka Tengku Goh. Former KL CID boss Mat Zain Ibrahim also asked the govt to reopen investitagion into the murder of Altantuya..."

I immediately showed it to my friends, one of whom is a diplomat who had a good laugh. He said: "We don't trust people like this, Jay (he's fond of calling me by that name). Listening to them is wasting time. And when they are on the opposition bench, better not listen at all.

"If they are honest, they wouldn't be caring too much about their position and opportunity to rise when they were still in service. They should have made such exposure there and then and not wait until retirement."

Good points.

So, that's why Malaysiakini and its in-house commentators were fast in hammering at the government and the police force when the duo came up with such statements. If you read the comments, all came in similar or 'more or less' the same tempo, which reflects those who left comments are the ones 'inside' Mkini.

I am also of the opinion that Ramli and Musa are having personal vendetta. Those at Bukit Aman and the media (even the public who have been following Ramli's case) are aware of it. So, no excitement about it.

And from what I heard, the former KL CID chief is (or has he?) joining the Opposition. Of course, Mkini like going hunting for people like these to help sensationalise their stories.

But Mkini aside, I think the respective authorities still need to take a look at it. We don't want to be accused of being ignorant, right? Unless we like Mkini heading "Our country is run by criminals".


Anonymous said...

criminologist says...
who actually are the criminals? criminals are good at covering their when they are caught they always deny their involvement and put the blame on others. Sometimes they create disinformation about their involvement so that they could gain sympathy from people who thinks that they are trully innocent and put the blame on others for victimising them. normally it is the criminal who will concoct stories and claim conspiracy carried by someone against them. Sometimes the whistleblower themselves is the criminal covering his tracks to gain sympathy and support from others to escape punishment. this type of person is a wolf in a sheep skin.

Anonymous said...

investigator reveals that....
the former deputy minister of kdn has forgotten that he has corruptly recieved RM5 million from an illegal sindiket boss and asked his henchmen who is also a corrupted govt. official to bank it into his account. this evidence is readily available if required.

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