Thursday, October 28, 2010

Siapa tipu siapa Yong Teck Lee?

Berikut adalah sms yang saya terima dari seseorang mengenai kenyataan YB Datuk Herbert Timbon tentang perangai Presiden SAPP, Datuk Yong Teck Lee yang digambarkan sebagai dulu cakap lain, sekarang cakap lain. Katanya:

"I wish to remind and refreshed the memories of all the voters in Batu Sapi as per Yong's pertinent advice to the people of Sabah while he was the CM of Sabah 12 yrs back. It was reported in your Borneo Post on 23 Feb.1998 that Yong had reminded Sabahan that the people will not loose anything by supporting and giving BN a victory in an election. Infrastructures development such as roads, electricity, education, health services and security can only be achieved through BN government because the opposition is unable to provide all these facilities, he said.

Yong went further to say that ' comes election do votes BN for development and better future for our children , he said. The continuity of BN rule in Sabah is necessary for the continuation of projects development"

Hmmm - apa komen Yong Teck Lee? Mau tipu siapa?
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sumandak bayu said...

Yong dah menjadi klon kepada Anwar Ibrahim yang jelas berjuang demi kepentingan diri bukan untuk rakyat Sabah

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