Friday, February 3, 2012

#MPmalas Teresa Kok: You no komplen, i no visit you? Dont pray-pray!

Teresa Kok: No official complaints, no visit
By Azreen Hani
Friday, February 3, 2012

Teresa said no stall owners in Taman Desa complained to her about the storm

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP Seputeh Member of Parliament Teresa Kok says she never received official complaints from Taman Desa stallholders whose stalls were damaged during a storm last month and have yet to visit any of them.

In a text message reply to TheMole, Teresa said she was not aware of the storm incident which destroyed scores of foodstalls operated mainly by Chinese and Malay residents as her office was closed for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The MP whose constituency covers Taman Desa said she was on leave during the storm havoc and denied reports that she had only visited the Chinese stallholders after the mishap. 
“I never received any complaint from Malay warung nor Chinese food court when I was away.

"I did not even visit Taman Desa after the storm because I was out station. Only my assistants went there," she said.

When asked whether she will be visiting the area soon, the Wanita DAP national secretary said she would since the matter has been highlighted in cyberspace.

Teresa urged stallholders and residents affected by the storm to call her office at 03-79836768 or 012-2299839 to lodge their complaints.

A blog posting at thekl-chronicle alleged that Teresa practiced double standard when she only visited a Chinese food stall in the area but not the Malay stalls nearby.

The blogger also claimed that Teresa had not visited Teratak Muhibah and Taman Salak Jaya since after the 2008 general election.

“I live in Taman Danau Desa which is next to Teratak Muhibah, and when the storm hit us last week, this MP was nowhere to be seen.”

“She did not visit the Malay warung's opposite the PLUS tower nor the flat residents in Teratak Muhibah.

baca artikel penuh di portal The Mole - 'we dont care'

Nota: Ini bukan Ahli Parlimen PR pertama yang dilihat rakyat sebagai malas turun padang dan tidak menunaikan amanah. Sebelum ini Khalid Samad, Ahli Parlimen PR Shah Alam dikritik rakyat Shah Alam mengenai kes pemindahan kuil ke Seksyen 23 (tonton di sini). Rakyat juga menyelar Azmin Ali yang dianggap GAGAL menyelesaikan masalah rumah terbengkalai di Ukay Bistari, Gombak (baca sini).    


pukimaq said...

I don't pray,I like liwat.

Anonymous said...

cilako punya DAPig!

kena jemput baru nak datang tengok rakyat!

pukimak lu lah teresa cock

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