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Pasukan Baru UMNO Selangor: Budiman patut jadi Ketua Penerangan?

Yang Berhormat (YB) Budiman Mohd Zohdi should be 
appointed UMNO state Information Chief 

Nota: Jelas UMNO Selangor perlu dirombak dan memerlukan penstrukturan semula. Ada yang sebut, perlu pasukan yang lebih menggerunkan. Ada yang kata perlu pasukan yang lebih rajin bekerja. Ada yang kata perlu pasukan dengan pemimpin yang lebih muda. Secara umumnya, ramai yang menyatakan bahawa perlu ada kombinasi di antara muka baru dan yang berpengalaman. Perlu lebih ramai yang bukan sahaja rajin bekerja, tetapi tahu dan bijak bekerja untuk memenangi pilihan raya yang akan datang. Perlu pemimpin yang bersifat `team player' bukan `lone ranger' atau `syok sendiri'. Baca apa pandangan blogger The KL Chronicle tentang `pasukan baru' UMNO Selangor di bawah :-

YB Budiman Mohd Zohdi, Dato' Zein Isma Should be promoted in Selangor UMNO

This blog has previously written a few articles with respect to Selangor UMNO. We have shared with our readers who we think should helm Selangor UMNO and the "dream team" that he (Datuk Seri Noh Omar) should have.

Based on the feedback we have received, it is obvious that there needs to be changed in Selangor UMNO. The change would be a positive one since new faces would integrate with old heads in the state chapter.

This new and old combination will definitely be more energetic and experienced to tackle the high number of issues currently facing the people of Selangor. In return, this will create a sense of trust between the people and Selangor UMNO.

The two people that we think should be given a bigger role in charting Selangor UMNO would be YB Budiman and Dato' Zein Isma as they have proven to be able to work together with Datuk Seri Noh Omar and not create fiction in the state chapter.

Based on our view, YB Budiman should be appointed the Selangor UMNO information chief. The ability is there. He is one of a few UMNO leaders that have published a book, a great orator and is able to disseminate information effectively via writing, video or audio and disseminating information is one of UMNO's main problem.

Dato Zein Isma should be appointed State UMNO Secretary

Besides YB Budiman,  Dato' Zein Isma is another candidate that have caught our attention. Based on his vast experience in people management and human resource, we think that Dato' Zein Isma ought to be appointed the state UMNO secretary.This is because he is able to lead, organize and manage the party works effectively based on his experience and knowledge.

In our next article, we would provide further recommendation on what structural changes that needs to be done in Selangor UMNO to ensure that BN wrest back Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat in the next election. What say you?

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