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Lagi peserta demo haram #bersih dedahkan RUSUHAN TERANCANG

Unit amal khawarij PAS merempuh pihak polis! Apa yang anda harapkan tindakan daripada pihak polis selepas mereka dirempuh? Peluk cium atau sepak terajang?

Pendemo Bersih Jadi Saksi Anwar,Azmin & Hatta Ramli Menghasut 
Lakukan Keganasan. Rusuhan Yang Di Rancang

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Pendemo Bersih menyalahkan Anwar,Azmin dan Hatta Ramli menjadi punca kepada keganasan demo ini. Mereka langsung tidak menyalahkan pihak polis malah mereka mendengar sendiri bagaimana Anwar,Azmin dan Hatta Ramli menghasut agar pagar dan kawat besi dirempuh.

Malah mereka menyalahkan unit amal PAS yang merancang rempuhan terhadap kawat berduri dan pagar penghadang.

Bagi Pisau mudah saja,yang pi turun duduk tengah jalan buat apa?Larangan dah diberikan ,pihak polis pun dah habis berlembut dan dilihat berkompromi. Perintah mahkamah pun dah keluar agar jangan berkumpul di Dataran merdeka.

Episod menunding jari sesama haprak pakatan bermula...

komen ini adalah petikan dari FMT

Lydiawati Osman
For once, I have to disagree with my mentor, Datuk S. Ambiga. She says Bersih 3.0 was a success because many people attended. The Malaysian Insider puts the crowd at 30,000 while Malaysiakini puts it at 100,000. For me, for my friends who were marching, there is one reason and one reason only to proclaim Bersih 3.0 a ‘success’ and that is because a handful of protestors led by rowdy members of the opposition managed to provoke the police to react. The image above clearly shows the red-shirted Unit Amal of PAS charging and daring the Police to stop them. Because the police reacted with water and gas, the quantum of news minutes that Bersih 3.0 will get online and around the world will multiply by more than ten times.

To be fair to Datuk S. Ambiga, she did clearly urge the crowd to disperse before the water gas and water cannons were fired because she felt that objectives of the rally were achieved. But one group who were there for other reasons clearly did not listen. The troublemaker segment of the crowd instead listened to Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali who pushed them hard to break down the barriers the police had constructed. For the police, despite not having roadblocks into KL the night before like they did during Bersih 2.0, despite allowing us to walk through KL in the right spirit which was almost carnival like, Azmin breaking down barriers that a Court Judge had effectively ordered the police to erect were just too much for them to let go. Anwar knew this, which is why he ordered Azmin to ensure that adequate provocation was carried out.
If there was any further proof that any rational Malaysian needed to know that the Opposition had unfairly hijacked Bersih 3.0, this provocative action was it. It was in effect the final nail in the coffin for the independence and civil-society orientation of Bersih 3.0. I feel cheated to have marched for Bersih and for Ambiga. Instead, my small part that I wanted to play for my country’s future, my sacrifice to face any bodily harm was instead cheaply purchased for the propagation of the Opposition.
I will never march again if Anwar and his troublemakers are allowed to take over what belonged to civil society. We created the awareness of this, we sweated and struggled for this, we were arrested and inconvenienced for this yet it is Anwar and his henchmen who will gain the most from Bersih 3.0. It is Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat not democracy that gains from this. The irony is that all that Bersih and Datuk Ambiga were fighting for are the same practices that Anwar openly practiced as UMNO leader, Barisan MP and most recently as Keadilan Supremo when he rigged the entire Parti Keadilan Rakyat elections and good leaders like Zaid Ibrahim were forced to exit the party.
Without Anwar and Opposition politicians, the situation was much better, especially in the morning. The image below of my friend engaging the police is proof of this. When actual independent supporters of Bersih were the ones marching, we approached the police in peace, we did not desire a confrontation with the police but just wanted the make our point heard loud and clear. If the rally had continued in this spirit, Bersih 3.0 would have a been a real and true success for the people and Government of Malaysia. Instead it is real ‘success’ for Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat as BN will be skewered and vilified by the global media, with CNN etc. smiling with glee at the amount of entertaining footage that Azmin Ali and his band of hoodies has freely provide

Allow me to tell my experience.

I was at the junction between jalan tun perak and jalan TAR from 1230noon onward. we just crowd there since the road leading to dataran merdeka was sealed and wire barricaded.

closing in two 2pm some politicians start giving speechs and I hear clearly Hatta Ramli and Azmin Ali giving speechs, they encourage (the nicest word I would consider) gatherer to claim dataran merdeka (they use the word 'buka' and 'masuk' again and again. To me this is silly because you are asking the those sitting infront to swarm through police line and barricade in bare hand..!!

close to 3pm I moved along barricade line toward roundabout that lead to jalan kuching, somewhere 20-25metre from jalan TAR junction, suddenly I saw lines of policeman in blue uniforms march in to barricade line ( initially they stand astill some 10metres from the line). I must admit I didnt see any policeman nor any one from gatherer did, remove wired barricades.

What next is just history. people gather outside rush in, which to me is simply emotionally charged and encouraged by Azmin Ali and Hatta Ramli to, 'reclaim' dataran merdeka. As they move in, before even in contact with blue-uniform policemen, bell rings (yes it is warning sign from FRU, I heard that) to retreat those blue uniforms in front line and FRU charge in and tear gas us.

Got chock by tear gas is nothing new to me. 709 I was in hospital bersalin cina where we were bombarded with countless of tear gas. it is okay for me.

I am extremely frustrated to see a peaceful sit-in turn into confrontation with armed force which is totally avoidable. I was there infront police line from noon and nothing happen. people just chatting, snap photos and like carnival. It is the two populists that spark off the wild fire.

It is totally unacceptable.

Will still attend and peaceful sit-in, demo, gathering in future. Say we are go for gathering,or even civil disobedience action next time, let's show the world that we ask for democracy not through any mean of violence.


I just commented in another post that it looks like the Unit Amal made a unison move where the police suddenly vacate their barricade position and the 'Unit Amal' moved over the barricade. Some minutes before that happened, the 'Unit Amal' were forming a line right before the barricade and i heard the words that means "OK, ready to go in". I am totally taken aback that this seemed planned.

Pisau kata " diaorang dah rancang nak buat keganasan"

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Pemikir Kampong said...

Salam.Mohon pautkan blog saya.

Anonymous said...

To Lydiawati Osman, Chia KC whatever reasons u gave, the demo was over with injuries and violences. Ambiga should be blame for her stubborn. Next time no more BERSIH demo be held because BERSIH will turn into KOTOR

Tun Faisal Ismail bin Aziz said...

demo haram bersih mmg kotor niat dan peribadi pendukungnya :)

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