Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Denggi, Kekurangan Air & Banjir - Bala yang turun di negeri Selangor?

Mesej mengenai bahaya denggi di Selangor yang sedang disebarkan di pelbagai platform media sosial:-

This message is from Chairman of Assunta Hospital. :
I wish to warn all of you about the latest Dengue cases. I attended a wake yesterday of my friend's son who passed away very suddenly at the age of 48 due to Dengue fever. He was bitten by mosquito while visiting a house in Ampang area. Got fever two days later, admitted to hospital, then next day was in ICU and passed away on early Saturday morning. While at the wake, we learnt that in the next parlour, was a 38 year old young man who also died of Dengue fever. Apparently the current strain of Dengue is very virulent and it will attack the liver and then cause the whole body's organs to shut down. My friend had given the son all the typical Dengue remedies such as porcupine tumour, frog with bitter gourd and papaya leaves extract but to no effect. 
My friend's relatives included a doctor who was from the hospital to which the two patients were admitted and confirmed that the onset of the Dengue and the way it progressed was frightening. So all of you, please check your home and nearby environment and always go out with protection against mosquitoes. 
Please clean up your compound at all parks and your home. Prevention is better than cure....

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