Saturday, September 22, 2012

Khalid sabotaj bekalan air negeri Selangor? #saveSgor #PenipuRakyat

Selangor ‘Water’Gate: A Clear Sabotage!

It has been brought to STL attention that the water shortage and unprecedented supply rationing in Selangor recently was a mere political gimmick, a real sabotage.

According to Syabas ‘insiders’, the water level at major dams especially Langat and Ulu Yam did not recede to an ‘emergency’ level and there was no reason for the provider to embark on supply rationing.

Without rationing, the dams have the capacity to supply enough water to consumers in the Klang Valley until the year 2017 provided that no drought season cast its spell on the areas for more than three consecutive months.

Yes, Klang Valley didn’t get any rain for about 3 weeks in late July and early August, and the water level receded slightly but that didn’t trigger any alarm.

So, what actually happened and why the panic?

Some Syabas staff was instructed to close the taps. We can’t reveal who issued the order but it was meant to create chaos over water shortage in the Klang Valley.

Water rationing was not necessary at all as supply was ample but they had to follow instruction from the top or subjected to some disciplinary actions for defying the bosses. And so, they did it, causing panic all over.

It’s for political reason, well-planned. When rationings were carried out, the people started to point fingers at Syabas and that provided the Selangor State Government to put all the blame on the Federal government.

And that’s when the Federal government had to bring up the Langat 2 project all over again, this time got the nod from Selangor… with the latter imposing some strict conditions, including the rights to choose the contractor for the job.

Now that we know the whole truth, STL would like to call on all Syabas workers involved in taking such directive to come forward and speak up.

You people had not only sinned but also committed a crime. Unless you are willing to come out and reveal everything, I believe the people will forgive you knowing that you had to abide by all instructions given by the bosses.

So, it’s all for politics, uh? STL believes Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim & Gang were the ones issuing such order to Syabas personnel to stage the water sabotage. Who else would have done that for politics? Nik Aziz? Crap!

STL is also calling on the MACC to go deep into Syabas and Khalid office and investigate the matter. Dig up all files related to the water rationing, without leaving any stone unturned. Those involved in the political cahoots must be dragged to court and put them to dry behind bars for a long, long time.

To the rakyat of Selangor, it’s time to reconsider Khalid’s position as the MB, and it’s also a duty to give Pakatan Rakyat the big boot in the next general election, unless you are willing to be dodged again.

On Wednesday, a group of 2,020 consumers in Selangor sued the state government, Khalid and Syabas for RM1.1 mil for allegedly failing to provide water subsidy under the Free Water Scheme promised by the state government.

The scheme was part of the Opposition’s manifesto in the previous general election.

The suit was filed through the firm Messrs Kamarudin & Partners at the High Court registry in Shah Alam.

The plaintiffs, from Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya, claimed that during the election campaign in March 2008, the state government – or Pakatan Rakyat – had promised them free water if they won the general election.

According to the election manifesto, each domestic water consumer in Selangor would be entitled to a subsidy of RM11.40 per month, whether they use an individual meter or a bulk meter.

However, the plaintiffs claimed they did not receive the promised free water as there were no discounts for the said water amount in their bills, issued by the third defendant Syabas.

So, you still believe in every single promise they make?

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