Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Masa untuk #bersih kan GLC?

Shearn Delamore's Nad Segaram, before Bersih 3.0

They shit where they eat!

Some people do shit where they eat!

They work for the government, 'makan gaji' with the government and took a swear by the General Order to be faithful to their employer and produce the best they can.

Just like the students who managed to continue their study on PTPTN loan and then took to the street asking for free education and demanding for the PTPTN to be abolished!

No denial that some government servants did join Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga, Kit Siang and others during Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28. But I am not sure if action can be taken against them. Just leave it to the Public Service Dept?

Worse still is when those attached to the GLC and Umno-linked companies also joined the demonstration and later claimed being bashed up by the police!

Read about this two guys here... 

I personally think they should find job elsewhere immediately.

Shearn Delamore's Nad Segaram allegedly suffers from police brutality during the Bersih 3.0 rally

On behalf of the Group of Six, we would like to extend our sympathies to Shearn Delamore's Nad Segaram for being allegedly hammered by the police, to the extent of having cuts that needed stitches on his head. Must have been some experience.

Nad Segaram is the right hand man, the go-to guy, for Shearn Delamore's Rabindra Nathan, who is the counsel for PwC in the ongoing civil suit in the KL High Court.

We were very sad to hear that he had allegedly become a victim of police "brutality" at the Bersih rally recently, to the extent that he is now sporting stitches on his person.

 But now is not the time for mushy emotions, but for some hard hitting (forgive the pun) questions.

Nad Segaram, you and your mentor, Rabindra Nathan do work for GLC's and UMNO linked companies, but yet, you attended Bersih 3.0. The very same rally our Prime Minister Najib has called an attempt to overthrow the government by certain parties form the other side.

Leave aside the irony that PM Najibs brother, Datuk Johari Razak is a Senior Partner at Shearn Delamore, how do you justify your attending the rally as an active participant to the extent that the police had to cast their baleful glance upon your person?

Where is the congruence between what you do from 9 to 5, and what you attempted to do last Saturday? Why will you even be a part of an attempt to overthrow the very Government that gives you a reason to go to the office everyday?

Rabindra Nathan, were you there at Bersih 3.0 as well? Have you disavowed your pro BN Stance?
 Rabindra and Nad, if you actually believe that the government has to be overthrown, then walk away from your 9 to 5 jobs, and wear yellow wherever you go. In fact, Nad Segaram, you should now file a suit against the Polis for the alleged brutality you suffered, being a lawyer and all that.

The bigger question is this, should Rabindra Nathan and Nad Segaram continue to represent PwC who are 100% behind the PM and BN? Or was this a case of a Shearn Delamore partner hedging his bets in case PR takes over the government?

Do Rabindra and Nad Segaram agree with the PM's statement that Bersih 3.0 was an attempt to overthrow the government? Have the two of you disavowed your pro BN stance?

While we cannot confirm this, several PwC partners were also said to be near Nad Segaram when he took his hits, but as we said, we cannot confirm this, so no names will be mentioned.

Walk your talk, and don't be different things to different people. What explanation are you going to give Datuk Johari Razak and the other Senior Partners when they find out you are trying to bat for the other team on the sly? For that matter, what are you going to tell your clients, PwC Malaysia?

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