Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dong Zong bukan saja cauvinis, tapi diketuai penipu? #saveMsia

Dong Zong Chairman, Dr. Yap Sin Tian, 
Has Faked Doctorates

Dr Yap Sin Tian – the controversial organizer of the 325 rally for Chinese education – talks so much about the quality of Chinese education.

He portrays himself as if he is a man of high integrity, high accountability and principles. In short, a man in defence of Chinese education.

But we have enough evidence to prove that behind his beefed up image, is man who is dishonourable and deceitful. He has no qualms of buying his doctorates from the Internet.

What you see of him is not what he is and he has over the years deceived the people and even his Chinese educationist group with regards to his fake credentials.

He proudly displayed his resume on the website of the Oriental Strategy Research Centre of which he is a director.

He claims to have a Ph.d in Business Administration from the Southern Cross University in Australia in 1999.

His purported strings of other qualifications include a Ph.d from the Kensington University in USA in 1993 and another doctorate in Business Administration from Kensington University in 1991.

Strangely enough Dr Yap who professes to champion for Chinese education prefers US degrees.

Apparently we are not the first to question Dr Yap’s three dubious doctorates. It was first raised by Dr Kua Kia Soong, a former DAP MP and Chinese educationist.

He asked how someone like Dr Yap could become the chairman of the board of the New Era College.

Our checks show that Kensington University has no classrooms, no laboratories or dorms. Certainly strange.

The so-called campus was housed in a small Glendale office building in California.

It ran a programme where students could earn anything from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate – all without ever attending a single class or ever meeting their instructors face to face.

The unscrupulous school had been found to have routine acceptance of below-par student work, awarding inflated credit for so-called “life experience” and not having enough faculty.

In one case, reviewers were shocked to discover that a student was awarded a doctorate merely by reading magazines and doing about a dozen short reaction papers.

It seems that the school had also awarded doctoral degrees for as short as a four-month work, according to a report on the closure of this diploma mill school.

It was finally shut down by a court order following public complaints on this dubious college which Dr Yap proudly showed off his faked degrees!

The university was shut down by Californian authorities in 1996. It shifted its operations to Hawaii but eventually was shut down by the authorities there in 2003.

Wonder any of those hot headed protestors knew about this fake man! He has taken his supporters for a ride all these while.

Well, the background of this expose comes from the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps admirers of Dr Yap should wake up and do more research on this dubious character.

The information are easily available online. Just google, you dick heads!

Florida State Representative Jeniffer Caroll had to quit from the National Commission on Presidential Scholars after the press exposed her for having a degree from the Kensington University.

In this case, Dr Yap has not one but TWO faked Ph.ds from this same crappy unaccredited university which has been shut down by the authorities.

We can only say that Dr Yap is a phony man with phony Phd from a phony university. Shame on you!

You are dishonourable. You have brought shame to the Chinese community – so stop bullshitting or talking about defending Chinese education.

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