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`Gag Order' Azizan: @TunFaisal - bukti Pas bercelaru

“Contradictory Statements on Azizan’s ‘Gag 
Order’ Exposes PAS' Incapable Leadership”
by Haider Yutim   

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 FEBRUARY, 2012: The contradictory statements on the 'gag order' issued towards Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak exposes PAS’ incapable leadership, said Umno Youth's New Media Unit chief Tun Faisal Ismail.

He said that the matter also exposes PAS’ lack of communication and shows that the party is uncertain in its direction. 

Earlier today, Azizan told reporters that he will no longer comment on the Universities and University Colleges Act (AUKU) issue following instructions by his party, PAS, to stop talking to the media over the suspension of the state-owned Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) students. 

However, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu later dismissed the gag order, saying that it was just an internal discussion and that the media had made an inaccurate report on the matter.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad also echoed Mohamad’s statement by denying the reports saying that there was no such order and that he had not received any information regarding the purported gag order.

Tun Faisal said lately PAS has been in a state of disarray with no proper direction as there is no one in the party capable enough to take charge of its leadership.

"There seems to be disunity and lack of leadership in PAS," said Tun Faisal when contacted by Malaysian Digest today.

He said of recent the party's president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has been a lot less vocal, while its spiritual leader, Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat is not in a healthy state.

With this latest development, he said, no one else in the party dare to step up to take charge of the party's leadership.

He said the way Azizan made the statement about the gag order is as if “he is unsatisfied with PAS’ current policy which favors the Buku Jingga instead of the holy Quran”.

"Now the new stream in PAS refers to the Buku Jingga, and not the holy Quran which used to be the party's initial struggle," he said.

He added that even recently sacked and Selangor PAS' former commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali had also highlighted about the 'parasites' that are spreading rapidly within the party causing it to stray from its Islamic state policy.

The purported gag order which is believed to have come from the PAS leadership was issued after Azizan lambasted his critics who questioned him for supporting the suspension of the five KUIN students for organizing protests against the college in May last year.

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