Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Video] `Walk-about' Gaddafi bongkar kehidupan rakyat Libya

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I am from Pakistan and I have not stopped crying since I had seen My beloved leader being dragged, My heart bleeds, My eyes sour from crying. I will name my young son Muammar al-Gaddafi but I am sure he can never be like You, No one can be like you sir. May your soul rest in peace :(

cadets64 2 days ago 15

Right wingers see Arabs as sub human and see nothing wrong with killing them , see nothing wrong with poisoning their eco system with radiation from depleted uranium (outlawed everywhere except the USA). Look for a rise in cancer and birth deformities in the areas heavily bombed .The criminals rejoice in this illegal , brutal ,savage assassination of the head of a sovereign state purely to grab Libya's oil & protect the Dollar. Muammar's horrible death has opened eyes. God doesn't sleep.

salemthemerciless 1 day ago 3

See the way he addresses this lady as "my daughter," clearly speaking to her as a caring father. He asks her basic questions and she wont answer them in a straight manner. I'm sorry, but we know quite well that some people who beg do it professionally, and no matter how much social security they get, they will still be out begging - and they are all doing it for medicine. My God, I don't know how anyone could see this video and not be amazed at Gaddafi's compassion and care for his people.

davisoneill 1 hour ago

The first lady was saying that the medicine she needed was not available in the pharmacies. Im not sure how begging would help her then, unless she intended to order the medicine from abroad herself. Also, her card said she was from Tripoli, but she didnt have a Tripoli accent. Nor did she have her social security number. Gaddafi wasn't asking anything that any police man in any part of the world wouldn't ask.

davisoneill 1 hour ago

I m from Pakistan and want 2 ask do they have done right with him? He was about 70 n a father figure for all of them who had done all that torcher. They did not think that he is wounded, hungry, Thirsty, tired, and old and all of them were beating him brutally. Mad animals can only do this with anyone. I m so Sadddddd for Brother Leader. So sad, depressed . V all Pakisanies Love u SIr. Hats off to u. May Allaah Talla Bless U and ur sons Aameen.

khurram47100 12 hours ago

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