Saturday, October 29, 2011

PPSMI: Where were you when 10,000 people marched against PPSMI?

[Note: You are way too late la makcik. Always silent when you were needed. Now only you want to make noise after decision has been made.

It has been expected that the silent majority of Malaysians will only realised what they have lost after years losing it.

Why did they lose it at the first place? Because they were too silent when the `real rakyat' needed them. They were too timid when 10,000 of street thugs (most of them didn't have children in schools - either because they were too young or way too old at that time) marched against PPSMI. They allowed the street thugs to put pressure onto the government without even trying to be supportive of the latter and vocal about PPSMI. May be they think that whatever decision which would be made, it would not affect their children in the future.

Only now they want to say something? The funny part is, instead of blaming the opposition who supported the movement to abolish PPSMI, now they are blaming the government which made the decision due to the voice of the so called `people' (or street thugs) of Malaysia.

Next time, no more silent silent la makcik. Who knows due to your silence the next thing that we are going to lose is the independence of our country. So next time dont be so silent ya makcik - be a Patriot!]

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