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Helen Ang sahkan kewujudan #RedBeanArmy, sentimen Kristian yang dinafikan Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang sudah berkali-kali menafikan kewujudan Red Bean Army dan cuba menyalahkan UMNO. Bagaimanapun usahanya tidak berjaya kerana semua orang tahu kisah Red Bean Army didedahkan oleh mereka yang rapat dengan DAP sendiri, iaitu Shen Yee Aun dan Tunku Aziz. Artikel Helen Ang di bawah mengukuhkan lagi hakikat tentang kewujudan Red Bean Army. Bukan itu saja, ia juga membuktikan agenda Kristian memang wujud di dalam DAP. Sehingga kini nampaknya Kit Siang masih tidak berani menyaman Shen Yee Aun dan Tunku Aziz. Takkan tak berani?

“Banyak persamaan RBA dengan Komunis. Cara kekejaman mereka, cara mereka menutup mulut orang, cara mereka mengaibkan orang, cara mereka menyerang orang. Saya rasa tidak ada bezanya dengan Mao Zedong“ - Shen Yee Aun

Pengganas Red Bean Army ugut bunuh, rogol gadis ini! #PRU13

Gambar-gambar propaganda bodoh Red Bean Army, tetapi yang bodoh tetap tertipu

Bean me up, Red Army

@ShenYeeAun - Anwar, komunis dan Red Bean Army #GilaKuasa

@Shahidan_Kassim - Tentera `komunis' Red Bean Army akan disiasat? #RCI

Ejen Impian - nama baru Red Bean Army?

@SyenYeeAun - #RedBeanArmy sama macam Parti Komunis Malaya? (Bhg 2)

Baca tulisan Helen Ang di bawah.........

Kit Siang dan Guan Eng punya putar-belit

Utusan reported two days ago about “ibu pejabat DAP di Hotel Wenworth di Pudu”.
Although I myself am unable to shed more light, one piece of news that I can gather is that the DAP operations is supposedly somewhere next door.
(Red Bean Army cartoon on the editorial page of The J-Star, positioned below Wong Chun Wai’s column last week on 14 July 2013.)

It’s Wenworth.

Nobody except Kit Siang said Concorde

All this while the Umno bloggers have been alleging that the DAP cybertroopers operated from Hotel Wenworth, Pudu.
Hotel Wenworth is in Pudu.
Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Bukit Bintang, on the other hand, is almost five star (4-and-½).
DAP visits ‘Red Bean Army HQ’  The Malay Mail Online 2013-07-04 12-50-59
Kit Siang and his DAP leaders pull a publicity stunt of drinking red bean soup in Concorde
But the DAP successfully staged a strawman argument by twisting and falsifying as if the accusation had been that the RBA operated from Concorde.
Shifting the location from Wenworth to Concorde has the effect of making the allegation against DAP sound outlandish as a Golden Triangle hotel is too expensive.
This sly tactic of the DAP shows up just how deviously sneaky they are on the psywar front.
Just like how the Umno bloggers could have been on to something with regard to the rumour about Lim Guan Eng’s son but tripped when they were duped into publishing the decoy photo of the Hong Kong girl (chess player).

DAP is good.

Real good

They have mastered the art of dirty, lowdown tactics.
And they play the strawman game so well.
It’s like how the operatives and supporters accuse me of being anti-Christian (a religion which has 2.5 billion adherents worldwide) when my criticism has been specific to the activities of the haram Jerusubang ‘churches’.
The evangelistas illegally operate their outfits as churches when those companies have actually been registered as businesses and have no permit to operate as houses of worship.
Aside from their political activism, these so-called churches carry out dakwah upon impressionable teenagers through entertainment worship. It is for this reason that I say the BN will not be able to recover the Chinese vote in GE14.
The Chinese youth who will be first-time voters are securely in the palm of the DAP hand.
And The J-Star is their parish newsletter.

Bak kut teh is made halal.

Allah disyirikkan

Blogger Oik has previously observed – on another and different issue – how Lim Guan Eng’s “denial” didn’t at all address the claim at the heart of the matter. Read Oik HERE.
Dapsters are the kind of people who are so slippery in their sly twists and sneaky turns that blustering Ibrahim Ali types are simply no match. That’s why Malays are losing the perception war when up against such Iguana Engs.
The fact is that the Dapsters have no scruples at all in fabricating fitnah. They respect no boundaries of decency.
And now we have just seen how they try so hard to make the Alvivi bak kut teh halal.
If you’re a Malay who is alarmed looking at the brazen attempt to kebas the kalimah Allah, and making as if the God of Islam is the same as the evangelista Trinity, then you must pay close attention to the nexus between the DAP and the evangelical Church.
And the most important thing to remember is what kind of people they are.
Please read Oik’s What the Christians Say‘ and ‘What They Really Want‘.

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