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Rakyat pertikai "#Kit Siang - Dulu, Kini, Selamanya" ! @limkitsiang #resignlah #tolakPR #PRU13 #GE13


Yang berubah mungkin hanya cermin mata... Dari `siang' bawa ke senja, 
dah nak masuk malam pula... 

DAP = Kit Siang, Kit Siang = DAP

At 72-years-old Lim Kit Siang should pave the way for the younger leaders to take over the helm of the party.

He should not continue to cling on to power in the party and start grooming up new and younger leaders.

He is now a dinosaur and a political frog having contested in four states – Selangor, Penang, Malacca and Perak in the span of 10 general elections since 1969.

He has never actually served his constituents for long, abandoning one seat for another to avoid backlash from voters who realised that he does not provide service. The only service he provides is Lip Service.

This coming 13th general election, he has been named as the candidate for Gelang Patah in Johor.

Well he should seriously call it quits. It is time that he takes his retirement leave and look after his grand children.

He should dutifully carry out his role as a good grandfather and not neglect his grand children like what he has been neglecting his constituents by jumping from one seat to another.

The UBAH slogan as advocated by Pakatan Rakyat should start from within DAP by changing dinosaur leaders like Kit Siang.

They should start the UBAH or change from within  Pakatan , with the renewal process starting from Kit Siang paving the way for the young.

mari kita tengok apa komen pembaca. Of all, I LIKE the LAST ONE -

JasOne says:
Ubah is never DAP, PAS or PKR philosophy as to them is Mampus. Hold the position till their last breath. Nevertheless their belief is treat it like their grandfather party

Jackal says:
After LKS reign..will come LGE reign….emulating the mentor down south..after so many years (20+ years) of leading PAP…then becoming senior minister..and now minister mentor..just to make everything will be done according to his will…serupa komunis Pyongyang dah…

Anonymas says:
Kit Siang changed his specs like only 2 times in 50 years? Also, PAS. Nik Aziz all the way (like Ayatollah)

Jolly Green Giant says:
Ever since Lim Kit Siang entered politics, he has retired into a world sustained by the money of the Rakyat, his parliamentary allowances, etc.etc. It is so lucrative to be a politician that his son and family joined him in this evergreen profession of Malaysia. Forever there will be racial differences and this is where the smart and the acute thrive and live and survive. Even though he did not become a Minister anywhere, his son did and this is what fulfilled his ambition. But his grandson has a chance to be a Prime Minister of Malaysia. For all Malaysians, Malaysian politics is a new core industry worth RM8 Billions which has been pioneered by the old politicians and is comparable to that of the United States. The only qualification is the gift of the gab !

anon says:
Understand that if hold more than 2 terms , there will a lifetime allowance?
Also does holding many posts(whether perform or not) or more than one constituencies attract multiple allowances?
If really a lucrative biz,
any university offering a course on how to be a politician?
Syllabus , if applicable:
a)Glib talking 101
b) Strategy 102
c) 3D 888 – distract, deny, disparage others

Lim Lynn says:
Kit Siang please don’t give people in Johor headache and heartache like in Penang. Moreover, your characteristic is similar as you age. When comparing with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was younger he’s full of political zeal [what I heard from my grandpa when I was a young] , when he ages gracefully with wisdom and passionate to give advice to younger voters who didn’t have a chance to see historical yesteryear.

Equalizer says:
Just one question :- What has this Warlord Lim, father of Tokong Lim, ever contributed to society all these years ?
Just one word answer : BULLSHIT.

Chinaman says:
Not even a public toilet

Tan says:
Kit Siang run away from one constituency to another because he never gives service. Do not fall unto his trap, Gelang Patah voters.

RD. says:
I think Kit Siang should just retire from active politics. We need young and healthy people as YBs. Of course he can still be mentor to DAP. Last time I heard, he was almost blind already. Like Nik Aziz and Hadi, the Rakyat don’t want to have a YB who might spend most of their time in hospital. Furthermore, with all his family members in the top post in DAP, Rakyat in other constituent will be affected too. Their YBs will have to visit or take care their father or grandfather in hospital. (That is why a husband and wife cannot be working in the same department. Both will most probably take leave, together).
I think it’s about time we enact a law, prohibiting old and sick people from contesting in GE. We want healthy politician who will not die on us in office. We do not want to waste our (Rakyat) money and the unnecessary political issues related with by-election. We want our YBs to serve the Rakyat and make the country prosper. Not playing politics, all the time.

Cucu LKS says:
Please vote my grandpa LKS out so that I can play with him. My daddy always busy with Rainbow and my mummy Betty is busy following my daddy. My mum told me that my daddy tokong very naughty so she has to be like yellow man, follow my daddy everywhere he goes. I am very lonely at home. Please do not vote for LKS. Thank you.

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