Wednesday, August 8, 2012

`Press Freedom' ala Guan Eng - Siapa nak duit?

Seronok la jadi bloggers dan cybertroopers di Pulau Pinang sekarang. Balun dan puji Guan Eng dan dapat duit? Blogger Jai Just Read ada ceritanya... 

LGE's 'shut up' fund

Good news from Penang!

Journalists, bloggers, Twitters and FB surfers who want to make 'fast money', can try this out.

Jot or post anything bad about the state government, about chief minister Lim Guan Eng or about Pakatan Rakyat, you can be assured of something in return, at least a few thousand ringgit if you are asked to put a stop to it.

It will be more rewarding if you reverse your jotting and posting into something 'positive'.

However, you must be someone recognised as a member of the media, 'orang surat khabar', TV journos, pixmen with the mainstream newspapers and bloggers with good number of followers. It applies for Twitters and FB too.

The DAP-led Penang State Government is very smart in its news control. Apart from banning Utusan Malaysia and the New Straits Times, they also monitor Guang Ming Daily.

I believe they have a big fund to 'buy' these people, especially bloggers and Twitters. From where the money comes, is fully classified but with all the development projects on the island now - including the hill slope - it comes from many sources.

Lim had in July tried to invite The Star media boss Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai for a 'special meeting' about the hill slope projects in Penang but the latter was smart enough to detect and smell the big fish on the CM's desk.

Ooppsss.... someone may ask about the money spent by BN government for its new media. Yes, there is but the government had never dictated them, let alone banned any publication like Rocket, Harakah, Mkini, Malaysia Chronicle and others.

But Lim Guan Eng is no pro. On top his 'freedom the the Press' slogan, he and his PR comrades are flexing their muscles on the media players, imposing the 'dos and donts' on them, dictating the kind of news and demanding this and that.

Call it the 'shut up fund' if you may but its really working well for him and the state government. Just wonder how much was paid and how many recipients had enjoyed it!

'Memang hebat!'

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