Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Video] Usaha burukkan imej @DatoSahol Naib Canselor Uitm GAGAL


Anonymous said...

for the enemies of dato sahol, uitm and those whom are envious to see uitm raise for greatness under excellent leadership, i suggest that they focus on other things like God! hope you'll have remorse for the evil you have done, you who defame others who are innocent. shame on those guilty and part of the disgusting game! also for the other leaders in the government, if you have been made victim by the RATS, inshaAllah, Allah is on your side as Allah subhana wataala is together with those righteous.

pukimaq said...

Yeah let's support Dato Sahol and the horses of my love's buttocks.

Anonymous said...

papagomo kecewa sebab gagal fitnah datuk sahol. elok tukar nama jadi papalucah wakakakaka

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