Monday, February 27, 2012

Sungguh ka blogger tiada peranan penting untuk @NajibRazak dalam PRU13?

My friendly message to PM Office
I don't like what I just found out a few days ago. It puts me in a great dilemma. Should I write about it or should I not...

It may cause PM Najib and his Cabinet a great deal of embarrassment. The good relations between pro-government bloggers and news portal operators with the ruling party too may turn sour. The SB may also pick me up anytime.

But I don't have any other channel. My calls and text messages to a few PM's officials went unanswered. The only person who answered is Fatmi Salleh. I wanted to see him but he is too busy. Also couldn't get through Tengku Sharifuddin and Sahalan.

Take this as a friendly message to YAB PM and his Cabinet. I hope any official at the PM Office who reads this posting will alert him. Nope, I don't expect Mr PM to see me but I do need some answers pertaining to a Cabinet briefing on Wednesday, February 22 about 'social media network'.

A UK-grad by the name of Amhari (hope I got it right) gave the briefing which in the end saw a minister left the meeting red face. He was made a perfect scapegoat. The report was also jointly-prepared by a Media Prima big gun said to be vying for an Info Minister position or its secretary-general, at least.

I hope someone from the PMO or the Cabinet calls a meeting with key pro-government bloggers and news portals ASAP. I am a nobody, I know that but I believe people like Datuk 'Rocky', Syed Akbar, Zakhir, Sallehudin and others would like to know about it.

I am waiting for the calls.

To Datuk Seri Najib - four years after we had the last national poll, your people are still not prepared, not well-informed and are still fooling around. I want BN to win. Don't you? Please address this. Thank you, sir!

PS - Did someone say "I cannot sack my press secretary just like that!"?

Nota: Kalau la betul, ini laporan yang serius dan bukan main-main......

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