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Jasa dan dosa Gadaffi kepada Libya (bahagian 2)

What Gadaffi did for Libya

Moamar Khadafi has led Libya for 42 years but just what did he do as leader over all those years for Libya? Let’s take a look.

Moamar Khadafi ousted the former King of Libya in a 1969 military coup. On September 1, 1969 Khadafi led that successful coup with a small group of Libyan military officers. The coup was bloodless and King Idris was ousted while he was visiting Turkey. Khadafi and his junior officers abolished the monarchy and proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic.

Khadafi was born and raised in a bedouin tent in the desert near the Libyan town of Sirte. He came from a tribe of bedouin who are livestock herders who live in the area around the Hun Oasis in the Libyan desert. Khadafi attended a elementary school as a youth and it was at that time that he was very influenced by major events in the Arab world. He came to admire Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and viewed Nasser as a hero during his rise to power in Egypt in 1952. Khadafi finished his studies under a private tutor in Misrata concentrating in the study of history.

In 1961 Khadafi entered the Libyan military academy in Benghazi and graduated in 1965-66. He made his first plans to overthrow the monarchy while in military college in Benghazi. Later he went to Europe to further his studies. When he launched his coup and ousted King Idris, Khadafi initially limited citizen movement and clamped down on those who opposed him ruthlessly.

In 1951 Libya was the poorest country on the planet. Before NATO and the “rebels” began marching on Khadafi’s regime, Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa and ahead of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. One must give Khadafi credit for raising the standard of living of the average Libyan as it was do to his policies and reforms. Further, under Khadafi homes were considered a human right. Newly married couples in Libya received $50,000 from Khadafi’s government to buy their own home with. Khadafi’s regime also declared electricity to be FREE to all people living in Libya.

Moamar Khadafi vowed at one time to house every Libyan before he housed his own parents. He kept his promise and Khadafi’s own father died before he was able to be housed. Before Khadafi came to power less than 1/5th of Libyans were literate. Khadafi made education free for Libyan citizens and that education was made high quality. Today the literacy rate in Libya is 83%.

Khadafi also made healthcare free for Libyans and that health care is of high quality. Further, under Khadafi’s policies if Libyans cannot find the healthcare or education they need in Libya then the government pays for them to find it abroad. In addition, Khadafi ordered all loans to be interest free inside Libya and when a Libyan citizens buys a car in Libya the government pays 50% of the total cost for that car. BTW gasoline prices in Libya are 14 cents per gallon!!

Under Khadafi’s policies an Libyan wishing to become a farmer is given the use of free land, a home, farm equipment, livestock, and seeds by the government. In July of this year when the rebels and NATO began their revolt against Khadafi 1.7 million Libyans gathered in Green Square in central Tripoli in support of Khadafi and in opposition to NATO and the rebels. Hey these people knew they had it made under Khadafi, no? BTW these 1.7 million represent 95% of the Libyan population in the capitol of Tripoli and about 1/3 of the entire Libyan poplulation. The Libyan Central Bank is the major bank in Libya. It is state owned and unlike any bank in the western world. It is NOT owned by the Rothchild’s and it issues debt free money!

In the 1990′s Libya was accused of being responsible for the Lockerbie bombing of PanAm flight 103. It has been alleged that the US paid witnesses at the trial $4 million each to testify against the accused Libyan terrorists. In other words the witnesses were bribed to LIE and since the trial those witenesses have recanted their testimony. What has the US and it’s proxy army NATO got against MO anyhow?

Libya's Gaddafi

Recently, Khadafi has been trying to change payments for Libyan oil from the US dollar to the gold African dinar. Khadafi’s announcement to the world that he was trying to do this alarmed the US and Europe who called Khadafi’s attempts to leave behind the US dollar “a threat to the financial security of mankind.” A few months ago when the rebels began to take over Libya one of the first things they did was to establish a new central bank. This new central bank is owned by the Rothchild global banking family. It is estimated that the Rothchilds own about 1/2 of the world’s wealth. The Rothchild clan has a nasty habit of creating money out of thin air and loan it with high interest rates. This is a nice litte racket they have going as it ensures that we NEVER have enough money to pay our loans back in the West!! Obviously Khadafi’s policies inside Libya do NOT benefit the Rothchild banking clan. Is THIS the REASON for the rebel and NATO attack to oust Khadafi???? He just wouldn’t play the global banking game so they decided to knock him out? Ah yes all the world is a stage…one big MONOPOLY GAME!! Khadafi refused to sell his people out and someone got mad especially after he threatened to stop accepting US dollars for oil and accept African gold dinars ONLY.

Under Khadafi, Libya has been debt free! With the newly formed and Rothchild owned central bank Libya will now join the ranks of other nations and will quickly become enchained in debt that can never be paid off just as we have in the US today! Libyans had a leader, MO, who had courage to stand up to the NWO and the NWO does NOT like it at all. Unlike other nations around the world Libyans got to share in the wealth and prosperity of their nation under Khadafi. That kind of thing really does NOT play well in international banking circles or in the halls of the NWO. If the NWO and Rothchild banking empire did not exist most people in the world today could be living a decent life but instead the majority of people in the world are living day to day in a constant state of struggle.

Financially most of the world’s people have been enslaved and savagely raped. Libyans will now get to experience the same with the ouster of Moammar Khadafi I suspect.

Khadafi has advocated DIRECT DEMOCRACY in Libya for decades now. He speaks about it much in his famous “Green Book.” Under his regime every Libyan citizen can vote in and is a member of Parliament. That is more of a democracy than we have in the USA which is a REPUBLIC not a democracy btw. Khadafi believes that every person should be allowed to represent themselves in government.

Many have been asking the question of why we are involved in Libya. Why did Obama put US forces and resources into Libya to oust Khadafi? Libya was NOT in our national interest nor did Khadafi pose any threat to our national secuirty. Yet, Obama went ahead into Libya anyway. Was he ordered to do so by the NWO and the Rothchild banking empire? Thus far this seems the most plausible reason IMO.

Khadafi refused to play the global game. He was a loose canon on the world stage. That doesn’t fly in the world of international politics and banking I’m afraid. Did MO commit abuses? You bet. But MO also did some good things for his own people to better their lives. We must give him credit for that. Now NATO and the rebels have MO on the run. Will they capture him, kill him? OR will MO make a surprising comeback and once again give the middle finger to the global elites? We shall see.

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