Thursday, April 1, 2010

When chauvinists tried to explain 1Malaysia from Malaysian Malaysia angle...

Could this be Malaysian Malaysia dance? Performed by unker's son - looks like fun!

Unker Lim Kit Siang is too old to be in Malaysian political arena. When he first became an MP, his age was 28. That was in 1969 and he was the MP for Bandar Melaka then. Now he is already 69 and sad to say that he still carries the 1969 mindset and that mindset is used to translate Prime Minister's 1Malaysia - People First, Performance Now.

Interpreting 1Malaysia within the context of Malaysian Malaysia, he challenged DPM to admit that he is a Malaysian First, Malay Second. This stunt is an evidence on how an old man who won a parliament seat in 1969 thinks that he still lives in that era and tries very hard to translate recent events from a chauvinistic mind.

Like a blind leading another blind, Kit Siang's poor interpretation of 1Malaysia has led DAP younger leader, a naive Tony Pua into confusion and believing that 1Malaysia is similar to Malaysian Malaysia. Not very long both have spoken using the same tone.

Below are tweets that took place between the confused and the enlighten ones;

tonypua: Habis 1Msia RT @limkitsiang: I am a Malay first, says Muhyiddin (Msian Insider)

refer def by fed consti RT @tonypua: Habis 1Msia RT @limkitsiang: I am a Malay first, says Muhyiddin (Msian Insider)

and understand wht 1malaysia is 1st :) RT @tunfaisal: refer def by fed consti

Out of sudden the confused PKR Nik Nazmi came into the picture;

Melayu dulu, Melayu dulu. Masuk kubur nanti malaikat tak tanya kaum apa lah!

Then i asked him a tricky question -

so r u a malaysian 1st or muslim 1st? :) RT @niknazmi: Melayu dulu, Melayu dulu. Masuk kubur nanti malaikat tak tanya kaum apa lah!

Alamak, he got himself trapped and it took him a while to find a right answer. Meanwhile the naive Tony asked me a question, which to him, could be a killer question.

@tunfaisal u tak baca Najib 1Msia GTP dokumen, u shldnt komen. Baca dulu baru komen

I answered him ...

u tak faham apa 1malaysia dulu, faham dulu baru komen :) RT @tonypua: @tunfaisal u tak baca Najib 1Msia GTP dokumen, u shldnt komen

Then the one and only pro-BN columnist for the so called `independent' news portal, Sinatra the LipasSepi joined in and questioned Nik nazmi.

Sinatra_Z: @niknazmi Malaysia dulu Malaysia dulu, masuk kubur nanti Malaikat pun tak tanya kewarganegaraan

@niknazmi Itu sebab Zul Noordin Marah tu, middle malaysia ke harapan baru untuk malaysia le, Kalimah Allah letak tepi. Malaikat tanya tu!

When Nik Nazmi couldn't answer straight, he tried to beat around the bush -

@Sinatra_Z Zaman Rasulullah semua Nasrani, Musyrikin guna Allah. Tak jadi isu. Isu di Msia adalah salahguna / penyebaran pd Muslim

dia dah pening tu bro :) RT @Sinatra_Z: @niknazmi Itu sebab Zul Noordin Marah tu, middle malaysia ke harapan baru untuk malaysia le

Hah apa macam sekarang? Uncle kit tanya nak jawab macamana? @tunfaisal @niknazmi

Nik Nazmi sudah jem!!! Tony pulak kacau daun.... he tried hard to potray that I don't support PM's 1Malaysia and tried to make the PM angry with me by tweeting his statement also to the PM. (mengadulah tu kononnya).

tonypua: quote Najib's 1Msia GTP maksud "Malaysian 1st, then race, religion, geografi 2nd", nampaknya @tunfaisal tak sokong @NajibRazak. Tsk tsk tsk

wht is d context ya? u faham tak? :) RT @tonypua: quote Najib's 1Msia GTP maksud "Malaysian 1st, then race, religion, geografi 2 @NajibRazak

e.g ths is in d context org yg x fhm 1malaysia :) RT @tonypua: 100% Malaysian 1st, kaum 2nd RT @orangasle: What are you?

After a long silence, Nik Nazmi found his answer; ohhhh no he can't take the stand of Tony Pua and unker Kit Siang. He notices he can't lie like them.

am a Muslim first. Islam teaches me that God created all of us equal, to know one another

To make sure that he was not on medication or on weed, I asked Nik Nazmi again -

tunfaisal: so u r not a malaysian 1st like @tonypua wants? RT @niknazmi: am a Muslim first. Islam teaches me that God created all of us equal

... and I asked him another tricky question:

@niknazmi "Wahai Rasulullah! Apakah kecintaan kami kepada kaum itu dikatakan al-assabiah? Sabda baginda: Tidak... " so d prophet is racist?

Nik Nazmi was trapped. He has not much choice but to say this -

@tunfaisal cinta kaum tak salah. Fanatik kaum dan memandang rendah kaum lain itu yang salah. Kalau sdr baca buku saya pun saya ulas isu ini

And that was how we managed to save Nik Nazmi's faith, by bringing him back onto the right path before he got carried away and goes astray.

Ahaaaa, now I want to lock his statement up. I was about to lock his statement up, and here came unhappy Tony who tried to `potong stim' by asking this question:

@tunfaisal apa context? Jika tak fahm, baca versi BM, 'rkyt Msia terdhlu, kemudiannya kaum, agama dll'. Hancur 1M'sia, Umno pun tak p'caya

Kacau la this Tony, let me lock Nik Nazmi's statement up first la. Ignoring the impatient Tony, I shoot my question to Nik Nazmi quickly:

so x de masalah kan? :) RT @niknazmi: @tunfaisal cinta kaum tak salah

@aizley take tht point RT @niknazmi: @tunfaisal cinta kaum tak salah

Nik Nazmi was a bit easy one, now its the turn of the naive Pua. To answer him, I said:

1malaysia - rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan
dalam konteks fed consti, NKRA, nilai murni, etc dan penerimaan

@tonypua so now is nik nazmi racist & religious extremist? :)

Then, the Malay warrior, Jebat Must Die came into the picture. He said:

@tunfaisal @aizley @niknazmi @tonypua Guys, pls read - All these rhetorics abt race or nationality 1st is wasting time

Unhappy and seeing more and more people joining the fray and at the same time Nik Nazmi was leaving the conversation, Tony threw a cynical remark:

itu la masalah Umno, tak baca pelan terperinci, tau buat slogan kosong shj RT @tunfaisal: 1m'sia - rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan

Replying using the same tone, I said:

itulah masalah DAP, tak baca pelan terperinci, ingat semua benda sama dgn malaysian malaysia je :) RT @tonypua: itu la masalah Umno

I had to leave the conversation to attend a discussion. I noticed Jebat continued fighting his own battle elsewhere. Some of the points he raised up were good and should be shared here;

JebatMustDie: B4 @limkitsiang can ask DPM dat, he shud b aware dat his politics is all abt race 1st - chinese DPM, chinese schools, chinese language etc

Im sure DPM wont forget other races, @timmysay D point of my earlier tweet was, LKS cant criticise DPM 4 focusing (cont)

All dis while, didnt d DPM acted as a Malaysian minister? Has he not entertain any chinese ppl, events or groups? (cont)

Y on earth in Msia, would hv schools with Mandarin as d main language? Y not BM? RT @timmysay: Sekolah Cina - (cont)

Thus, its chinese first, national identity 2nd? RT @timmysay: EVERYONE can enrol in SK Cina, it is a national (cont)

Tiba-tiba ada seorang Melayu yang fenin..... Since Malacca time, we have such Malays who were confused of who they are.....

RT @syahredzan: The prblem with DPM saying he's Malay 1st is tht it implies he'll choose Malay interests over#Msian1st.

Later at night, a blogger reported what exactly was said by Tan Sri Muhyiddin, which I shared below;

Muhyiddin not afraid of kit siang, fight fire wt fire :)

Muhyiddin questioned Lim's challenge to him as not only did he not support the 1Malaysia concept as he was championing 'Middle Malaysia'

"I am a Malay first but being Malay doesn't mean you are not Malaysian. I don't think Kit Siang will understand,"

when he went 2 sabah he promoted kadazan dusun 1st, malaysian last? then potray himself mcm baik! :)

Clearly we can see that when a chauvinistic minded person tries to interpret PM's 1Malaysia - People First, Performance Now, he will end up finding nothing except what he wanted to believe in. He will get himself confused thinking that 1Malaysia is similar to the rejected Malaysian Malaysia, blurry and poorly crafted Middle Malaysia or nothing related One Israel.

Firstly "1Malaysia" is not just a standing alone "1Malaysia", but it is coupled with "People First, Performance Now". It is about serving the people and delivering the service promptly and efficiently. On that score Goverment Transformation Plan (GTP) is formulated and National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are determined, not only for the Ministers and Deputy Ministers but are also for the civil servants. NKRAs and KPIs are suggested to find solution to people's day to day issues and to make their life better and more convenient. It is for all - not only for one particular race.

The first NKRA, crime reduction for instance, places people's safety first and this is done for Malaysian of all walks. Government can't reduce crime for the sake of one community only. And this need to be done quickly and as efficient as possible using the all resources that the ministry has.

Secondy, `1malaysia - People First, Performance Now' is to be interpreted within the context of Federal Constitution, numerous policies and laws, Rukun Negara, Vision 2020 and the National Mission. It is crystallised based on the eight values of 1Malaysia, which are - a culture of excellence, perseverance, humility, loyalty, meritocracy, acceptance, education and integrity. So it is never the same as Malaysian Malaysia and definitely has no whatsoever relation with One Israel.

Thirdly, besides having to interpret it within the context of Federal Constitution, the aspiration of 1Malaysia should to be allowed to grow in practical and natural manner and never in drastic manner, i.e to jump from our present situation to the extreme ideals. The value of `acceptance' carries a very powerful meaning - i.e to accept the fact that we come from different backgrounds in terms of race, religions and creeds.

On the practical side of it - we should be allowed to be ourselves and accepting others' traditions and faiths. For example, can a Muslim be other than a Muslim first and a Muslim second? No! A Muslim can't. As declared by Nik Nazmi, he has to be a Muslim first because Allah would not asked him about his race or national, but his faith and deeds. A Muslim must be a Muslim first above others.

A Malay is also a Muslim by the definition given by the Federal Constitution. When Tan Sri Muhyiddin said he is a Malay first, by the definition given by the constitution, he could not be of other faith but Islam - i.e he is also a Muslim. And the Malay-ness, Muslim-ness and Malaysian-ness are not something separated from each other or stand alone. Looking at the practical side of it, one can be a Muslim, Malay and Malaysian at the same time.

Finally, 1malaysia - People First, Performance Now is about accepting everyone, leaving aside our differences and working together towards common goals.

Going around meeting Orang Asli, Orang Iban and Kadazan Dusun; and fanning racial and ethnocentric sentiments are the doings of the racists and chauvinists. That actually divides the Malaysians apart and manifests the true colour of the oppositions.

Save Malaysia!!! Save Malaysia from hypocrites.....!


kita anak melayu said...

Tun Faisal penyokong Anwar terlalu fokus kepada matlamat sehingga menghalalkan apa jua cara.

Rakan rakan semua, kalau nak tahu macamana rapatnya Anwar Ibnrahim dengan regim Zionis Israel sila ikut link di bawah

GEMPAR; Disini ada bukti terbaru Anwar ada rakan dalam kerajaan ZIONIS Israel

Aizley Shahar said...

Saudara Tun,

Kudos to you...

YB LKS and YB Tony Pua tries to break between TS MY by saying DPM do not support the agendas of 1Malaysia but the truth fact the matter he does. 1Malaysia originated from a multiethnic Malaysia from Malay, Chinese and Indian.. all of us would say we are race first then 1malaysia..

If the DAP stalwart is so keen into 1Malaysia, shy don't we abolish the vernacular schools and just have a Bangsa Malaysia School instead...



Abu Faiq said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum sdra TFI & yang melayari blog ini,

1 Apabila '... Malay-ness, Muslim-ness and Malaysian-ness are not something seperated fram each other or stand alone...', maka demikianlah juga yg swajibnya bagi sseorang Muslim, iaitu utk beriman dengan sebenar-benar iman dengan agama lslamnya, maka hendalah dia yakin & beramal untuk memenuhi tuntutan dua aspek pokok di dalam lslam, iaitu; lslam sebagai akidah ruhiyyah, & sekaligus juga lslam sebagai akidah as-siasiyyah, yang -for whatever cause or reason - CANNOT and MUST NOT be saperated or stand alone.

2 Namun, wajah yang ada daripada pengamalannya sekarang ini benar-benar berlawanan dengan tuntutan akidah itu.

3 Utk lslam dianut sebagai agama ruhiyyah [urusan bubungan dengan Allah dalam bentuk ibadah-ibadah ritual spt solat, puasa, haji, doa, umrah, zakat, zikir, dsbnya] tak pernah dipersoal [terlepas dari diamalkan sepenuhnya atau tidak].

4 Namun, mengambil lslam dari aspek akidah as-siasiyyah, iaitu sebagai sistem atau ideologi yang mengatur & mengurus seluruh aspek kehidupan, itu yang hingga ke saat ini belum dizahirkan kerana umat belum dibimbing dan belum dibawa agar yakin berhukum dengan hukum syara'. Lalu, berjalanlah mereka, dibimbing di atas rel hukuk-hukum kufur Sivil-Sekular. Bahkan apabila diserukan agar kehidupan ini diatur dengan berlandaskan syariah semata-mata, secara total, telah timbul bebagai-bagai reaksi daripada kalangan umat Muslim sendiri. Yg paling tegar & kuat menentangnya tentu sekali golongan Muslim sekular; dgn berbagai-bagai dalih - kemajmukan, toleransi beragama, menghormati Hak Asasi Manusia, berbalik ke belakang/kolot
& berbagai-bagai dalil yang lain, sehingga dengan dalih akal mereka itu dan tuntutan perlembagaan tertepis ke tepi seruan as-Syarii' [Allah]. Golongan ulama tidak sedikit yang diam - atas sebab yang mereka sendiri tahu; sementara rakyat umum terus didungukan, jadi skeptikal atau malah tidak ambil kisah tentang hidup dengan syariah - patuh dan cukup selesa dgn apa sahaja hukum yang diterapkan oleh pemrintah ke atas mereka, sekalipun hukum yang menyimpang dari syariah - hukum Sivil-Sekular itu tadi.

5 Jika bukan hanya Melayu-ness - Indian-ness, atau Chinese-ness, atau Kadazan-Dusun-ness - pun boleh serasi dengan Muslim-ness & tdak mejadi mslalah kpd 1Malaysia, ADA MASALAH BESAR apbila akidah ar-ruhiyyah di'saperate'kan dari
akidah as-siasiyyah [ideologi], sehigga hanya akidah ar-rihuyyah stand alone, iaitu masalah mahu beriman hanya kepada hukum Allah, atau sebaliknya menyekutukannya
dengan hukum lain yang bukan
daripada-Nya. Lantas, bagaimana dengan status ketauhidan kita kepada-Nya ? atau belum mahu lagikah dipromosikan [didakwahkan] ideologi lslam ini segiat mempromosikan 1Malaysia...?

Walllhu a'lam.

Pejuang Bangsa said...

syabas tun faisal ....

memang salute la berani debate dlm twitter dgn tony

日月神教-任我行 said...


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