Sunday, August 4, 2013

China puji Tun M, 22 tahun penuh pengiktirafan. Nik Aziz? 23 tahun penuh kegagalan!

China iktiraf Tun M sebagai pemimpin `visionary'

Nik Aziz banyak menghina dan memperlekehkan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Mungkin Allah swt sengaja nak tunjukkan kepada Nik Aziz dan kita semua, walaupun Nik Aziz hina dan perlekeh Tun M, namun dalam 22 tahun pentedbirannya, beliau telah mencapai pelbagai kejayaan di dalam negara dan di luar negara. Beliau juga telah menerima begitu banyak pengiktirafan bukan sahaja daripada masyarakat di Malaysia, tetapi juga di masyarakat antarabangsa. Allah swt beri Nik Aziz 23 tahun memerintah Kelantan, tak payah perintah Malaysia la, Kelantan saja. Namun 23 tahun Nik Aziz penuh kegagalan dan penghinaan. Sentiasa ingatlah - Wamakaruu wamakarullah, Inn-Allaha khairul maakiriin. dan innalillah wa inna lillahir raji'uun...

China: Tun Mahathir An Outstanding Statesman

BANGKOK: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has described former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a truly outstanding Asean statesman with a strategic vision for understanding that a bigger and stronger China will benefit its neighbours.
“As Mahathir pointed out years ago, China’s development brings benefits to its neighbouring countries. It is an opportunity, rather than a threat.
“I believe that Mahathir did not make a casual comment here. He has a deep understanding of China,” Wang said in a speech at the opening of the High-Level Forum on the 10th Anniversary of the Asean-China Strategic Partnership here yesterday.
He added that China is fully aware that although its rapid growth has generated tangible benefits for its Asean friends, it has unavoidably, led to certain suspicion, concern or even misunderstanding.
“This is nothing to be surprised at because anyone could feel uneasy about a close buddy who has all of a sudden grown into a big fellow, “ said Wang.
He also said China is getting bigger and stronger. But its real development is with its ideals to strengthen its friendship and ensuring peace with its neighbouring nations.
Wang added that in five years, China’s imports will reach US$10 trillion (RM32.5 trillion) and its outbound tourists will be over 400 million.
In view of that, Wang said China and Asean should step up efforts to come up with an enhanced version of the China-Asean Free Trade Agreement to step up the regional economic integration.
He also said both sides should actively engage in maritime cooperation and make good use of the China-Asean Maritime Cooperation Fund, and that China welcomes more project proposals from Asean countries.
- Bernama

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