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Mary Yap: Dong Zong, cina DAP cauvinistik dan mendiskriminasi Cina `banana' ?

Dong Zong dan Cina DAP bukan sahaja rasis dan cauvinis terhadap bukan Cina, malah Cina `banana' pun menjadi mangsa diskriminasi dan prejudis mereka. Sikap cauvinis menyebabkan mereka mempertikaikan kemampuan Paul Low dan Mary Yap untuk mewakili kaum Cina. Benar, saya setuju, mereka memang tidak layak, lebih-lebih lagi untuk menjadi wakil kepada golongan cauvinis seperti Cina Dong Zong dan Cina DAP.

Dong Zong, please Look at your own Backyard First
Posted on June 5, 2013 by editor

When we criticize, we should not criticize for the sake of criticizing, worse still being critical with a hidden agenda.

There should always be basis for any criticism and not simply an act of shooting idiotic ballistic critical words that seemed bent on politicizing than exercising logic.

The recent fuss created by the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) over the appointment of Datuk Paul Low and Datuk Mary Yap to the Cabinet smacks of utter stupidity in motion.

The Chinese educationist group cited that the two might not be effective in representing the Chinese by the mere fact that they were not fluent in Mandarin.

Perhaps Dong Zong should be reminded that Malaysia’s 28 million populace comprises a diverse culture of race and religious background.

All Ministers in the Cabinet are required to serve all Malaysians irrespective of their skin colour in their respective capacities.

If we go by the yardstick of Dong Zong, that the appointment of ministers should be based on their mother tongue proficiency, then we will have a Cabinet whose credentials are anything lingo in nature but not on their ability to serve.

What a load of crap and rubbish is Dong Zong talking about? Given Paul’s experience as Transparency International Malaysia president previously, he would have a good grasp on curbing corruption and coming up with better, transparent and effective mechanisms to deal with the menace.

As an accountant by profession and having served in the National Economic Action Council (NEAC), Paul comes as a person with good credentials and does not carry any baggage.

As for Mary, a Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan in 2012, she comes as a person who is well received and respected.

Even Malayan Schools’ Christian Council chairman Yap Kok Keong has good things to say about her.

Yap described Mary as a “true and proven educationist who has the best interest of the nation and school children at heart”.

Dong Zong should look at its backyard first. Firstly its chief Yap Sin Tian is not one that you can describe as a credible person.

He has been using his doctor title although it has long been exposed that his Ph.d degrees from Kensington University are fakes.

He claims to have two doctorates from this diploma mill but hide the fact that this fictitious university has been shut down by the US authorities.

Anyone who has spoken to him can vouch that he cannot even speak English decently.

Forget about Bahasa Malaysia, I guess he can speak Bahasa pasar. He thinks he is in mainland China anyway. We are informed that when he attends meetings at the Education Ministry, he insist in speaking in Mandarin.

To be sarcastic, perhaps Dong Zong’s objection to the appointment of Paul and Mary is because their big boss Yap fears that he cannot communicate with those who are fluent in English. Gotcha

Now we know that Dong Zong’s ulterior motive in insisting that the two ministers be well versed in Mandarin is to serve the needs of scumbags like Yap Sin Tian.

There is no place for society with warped mentality. We cannot be engaging with idiots.

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