Thursday, March 7, 2013

#LahadDatu Blogger Sat-D tawar RM50,000 untuk kematian Kiram, tampar Tian Chua

RM50,000 Untuk Kematian Kiram - Kalau Nak RM5,000 Pergi Penampar Tian Chua

Ya cerita betul, ini bukan main-main punya cerita!

Siapa nak marah, marahlah!

Tapi aku suka nak panjangkan tawaran yang diberikan oleh blogger Sat Dee :

"Don't really have much to say. 
Al- Fatihah to our fallen patriots.
"As a Malaysian Private Citizen I would like to take matters into my own hands now after a private citizen of another country send his "loyal troops" into our jurisdiction and waged terror on our soil. It is not an act of war by another nation but a terrorism act by a bunch of idiots lead by another idiot under command of another idiot. 
If Philipines does not extradite Kiram into our jurisdiction to face the necessary charges under our law, then I will now initiate a bounty on his head. 
Only dead.....don't want him alive.

I shall start with RM 50,000 of my own money. I'm dead serious gua tara kencing punya beb!

My readers I gonna need some help to spread the word and if possible to get further funds committed. Do send in your contact details via the intense debate comment system. Will notify of further developments.

Till my next post the mean time lets go get this madefaker.

Oh and another 5K for someone who is willing to go give that kurang ajar AhBeng suka gigit polis a slap in the fucking claim send in a video of you doing it.
Ah Beng suka gigit polis mulai sekarang baik pakai 'bodyguard' kalau tak mahu diserbu dan diberikan penampar!

Aku nasihat saja!


Apa macam brader?

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