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Skandal pemimpin PR main bilion-bilion je - Anwar RM 3b, Khalid RM 1b? #saveSgor

Selepas 2 Tahun Mana Kertas Putih Hutang Talam Wahai MB Selangor?
Ini salah satu janji manis Kerajaan Pakatan Haram Selangor, khasnya Menteri Besar, TS Khalid Ibrahim:

13/7/2010 - Selangor akan menyediakan satu kertas putih berkaitan kutipan hutang berjumlah RM392 juta daripada syarikat Kumpulan Talam Corporation menjelang hujung tahun ini - MB Selangor.

Selepas 2 tahun ...

3/7/2012 - Kerajaan Negeri akan menyediakan kertas putih menerangkan penyusunan semula hutang TALAM sebagai lampiran dalam Bajet 2013 - MB Selangor.

Sebagai pembayar cukai pintu, cukai tanah dan cukai pendapatan di negeri Selangor, CTS mendesak janji manis Menteri Besar Selangor untuk mengotakan janjinya menyediakan dengan segera satu kertas putih kutipan hutang berjumlah RM392 juta daripada syarikat Kumpulan Talam Corporation. Rakyat Selangor perlu tahu sepenuhnya penyelewengan ini. Jangan berdalih dan jangan tergagap-gagap memberi alasan lagi.

Selangor’s Super RM 1 Billion Deal Fiasco 
and Super Crony!

Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye & Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim

Incredible and shocking!   Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim – you are truly brilliant. Talam Corporation Bhd belonging to Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye owes the Selangor state RM392 million but through your sheer brilliance, you now owe your Super Crony Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye!

What is your special relationship with this well-known Super Hypocrite with a record of fleecing ordinary house buyers?  This self-professed Born Again Christian has stolen the life savings of thousands of low income Selangor people.

But you, of course, chose to work with this Super Crony. How else can you explain that the RM392millon he “hutang” the state has now become RM1 billion – the only difference is that the state now “hutang” him and not the other way around!

This reverse has happened in a cleverly orchestrated move in what can only be described as the corporate cheat of the century.

The three GLSs are Universiti Selangor and Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd a total of RM277 million, and SAP Holdings Bhd (RM115mil), a subsidiary of Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor, but they have not got a single sen from Chan Ah Chye.

You tell the bloody fools who voted the PR government into power that Unisel has no money and needs to sell off its assets! They of course believe everything you tell them.

This portal has long heard stories of deals involving land transactions which have brought millions of ringgit to Khalid Ibrahim and Chan Ah Chye.

We have been informed that the Mentri Besar had used some of this dirty money to buy a bungalow costing millions of pounds in a prestigious and affluent part of Central London.  We challenged the MB to deny or refute this!

Super Crony Chan Ah Chye meanwhile has tried to transform himself into a Super Holier- Than- Thou man, changing his once bankrupt company to become Trinity Corporation Bhd!

It is time the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Agency, the Securities Commission and the Bursa Malaysia come in to investigate these allegations brought up by MCA leader Chua Tee Yong as it involves the money of ordinary shareholders, who have shares from these GLCS, some of which are public listed.

This scandal is more shocking as Selangor Economic Advisor is Anwar Ibrahim. Will he now tell us he is in the dark as he was busy having sex with a China Dog or banging a masseur in Bangkok or sodomising his many Pretty Boys?

DAP leaders including Teresa Kok and that Triad Leader Ronnie Liu must also take the rap too as they were involved in approving the Supplementary budget, approving a grant of RM392 million to Mentri Besar Incorporated on Nov 9, 2009.

Or they were so stupid they didn’t even know what they had approved?  Was Hannah Yeoh too busy fiddling with her Facebook?  There are 13 DAP goons inside there.

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