Sunday, July 29, 2012

Logo #Merdeka : Logo, lirik dan klip video lagu #1M4U

Hayati lirik lagu 1M4U


1MALAYSIA is a national initiative to build  unity.  The  1MALAYSIA FOR 
YOUTH builds on this concept by  focusing on uniting  youths from all 
communities under one platform to strengthen the 1 Malaysia culture.

The 1 MALAYSIA FOR YOUTH as a movement is aimed at encouraging 
volunteerism amongst all youths. It provides the Prime Minister with a 
strong touchpoint for engagement with youths. The movement is aimed 
at getting the entire nation to rally behind the Prime Minister.

The logo is read as 1MALAYSIA FOR YOUTH.

The 1MALAYSIA icon is  a stand alone as it remains a universal, all 
governing icon. This is the mainstay of the whole logo.

In the rectangular black box, emblazoned  is  the abbreviation for the 
1MALAYSIA FOR YOUTH but written as im4u.

The abbreviation im4u is read as ‘I am for you’ which means the youth 
are for PM/Malaysia and vice versa.

This strong reciprocating effect exemplifies true democracy where 
people are prioritized. 

The thickness in the  im4u text resonates solidity of the policy  using
vibrant and youthful colours. Set against a black background to create a 
stark contrast thereby relaying  a  clear message. The edges of the 
rectangle are rounded to give a friendlier appeal.

Note that it is all written in lowercase as in the Internet culture where 
lowercases are widely utilised. 

The overall effect is directed to build pride as a way to build ownership.

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