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[Kisah dulu-dulu] Rakyat Malaysia sokong perang? Sejak dulu pembangkang menipu

Nota: Pembangkang memeang suka menipu. Sejak dulu pemimpin pembang memang banyak yang menipu. James Wong, bekas Ahli Parlimen Kampar merupakan salah seorang daripada mereka. Tulisan ini disiarkan di laman web Pemuda UMNO Malaysia sebagai bantahan terhadap kenyataan Ahli Parlimen itu di BBC.

James Wong opinion – a pure nonsense

I chose to disagree with the opinion aired by James Wong, the former MP for Kampar, who concluded in an interview by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that one out of three Malaysians he spoke to is supporting the war against Iraq but does not wish to air his view because he fears the Muslims in Malaysia. Anyone who lives in Malaysia knows that Wong’s statement is purely baseless rhetoric and nonsense. 

In response against Wong’s claim, the vice chairman of Global Peace Mission Malaysia, a coalition of 80 multiracial non-governmental organizations, Fan Yew Teng, said that the claim by Wong, was unsubstantiated by facts and a sweeping generalization. Fan, also said Wong's view was "shaped by his own chauvinism" while the notion that non-Malays supporting the war were afraid of the Muslims in the country was an "atrocious lie and rubbish".

When criticized on his statement, as usual, as a person who preaches so much on Western-type freedom of expression, Wong couldn’t tolerate the fact that his opinion was utterly baseless and against the public opinion in Malaysia. He later wrote his views in a childish manner, trying to portray that the community in Malaysia is still seriously lacks the culture, ethos, institutions and rules of engagement of democratic debate and decision-making. 

In my opinion, he is the one who is lacked of the intellectual culture. He did not even care to make an appropriate study before exposing his unjustifiable conclusion.

After his nonsense remark in BBC, I talked to many non-Muslim friends and some people in the streets, pubs, coffee shops, unisex salons as well as former colleagues from the universities. I also randomly telephoned some non-elite, non-ideological and non-intellectual non-Muslims friends outside the Klang Valley in Penang, Ipoh (my hometown), Teluk Intan, Seremban and Johor Bahru. 

The personal impression I formed from all of them is that James Wong’s conclusion was unfounded for many believe that any war is completely unacceptable. To them, to initiate a war indicates that the government has given up diplomacy in solving bilateral problems and has low sense of humanity.

Of course, there were some who mentioned that the aggression against Iraq could be an act of ‘liberation’ for its people, something like what had taken place in Afghanistan, but none had supported war as the wisest mean and the most sensible way of doing it. In their opinion the matter should be left to the Iraqis to decide. The Iraqis should be given total freedom to decide for their own people and country.

Many believed that the invasion on Iraq is wrong regardless of any reason. To them, war in Afghanistan has proven that non-combatant civilians suffer the greatest loss, not the warlords.

Many also said that even if they support the war, there is no reason for them to be afraid to air their views. They do not see any reason on why they should be afraid of the Muslims in Malaysia. To them Wong’s opinion was a self-made to show that our people are divided over this matter.

Wong may think that Malaysians are so stupid since they do not share the same belief with him. To him, Malaysians have been poisoned with the `government propaganda’ and are unable to build their own judgment about the war. Being prejudice, he labeled the Malaysians lack the culture, ethos, institutions and rules of engagement of democratic debate and decision-making.

Wong’s action is very much predictable. He is no different than those who are in the Bush Administration and those who represent the Western Media, who could not accept the fact that the French is so much in disagreement with them. Failing to appreciate the `freedom of expression and holding to one’s opinion’, they started to bash the French and discredited them.

It is not difficult to understand on why Wong submits to this kind of world-view. In his article, he mentioned that he had attended two lectures by Dr Malik M Hassan, the president of the Council of American Muslims for Understanding (CAMU). Those who have attended Dr Malik’s talk would understand well what I mean.

According to Wong, there are other Malaysian Muslims who shared the views of Dr Malik although they were still the minority. Let just assume that this is another nonsense created by Wong. May be he was trying to construct another story to support his previous statement, a story which does not carry any weight.

Dr Malik spoke once before the Young Professionals Chamber Malaysia (Promuda) members in a dinner talk. CAMU persuaded hard to get a session to talk to the Promuda members and it also agreed to sponsor the dinner. 

In his talk, it was very obvious that Dr Malik was parroting George Bush, as if he was the President, himself. Beyond Dr Malik’s imagination, the dinner had turned to be one of his worst nightmares. He was bashed from every angle by the Promuda members and also by the other speakers.

As usual, the Americans (Dr Malik and other US diplomats), in contrast to what they always preach, especially on freedom of expression, demanded Promuda members to apologize to them. Of course, this is totally unacceptable and as a Malaysian, I am proud that no Promuda members had bowed to their demand and `instruction’.

One of the members said, the session was more like a brainwash session by a so-called Muslim, who carries Bush Administration’s propaganda. However, the Promuda members were too smart to be tricked into believing the sayings of `Dr Death’.

Besides the young professionals, the Malaysians, at large also do not believe in the US propaganda. We have to thank the Malaysian media and NGOs for this. They have done their part brilliantly in educating Malaysians thus making them knowledgeable enough to `protect’ themselves from being confused by the CNN, BBC and other West-owned media reports, which could be accessed freely in Malaysia.

We also have to thank the massive campaign by the Peace Malaysia. Due to its effort, many Malaysians are made aware of the war and understand very well that this war is illegal. Many are enlightened ever since they attended programs organized by Peace Malaysia, including the International Law Colloquium, International Forum, dialogue sessions at the universities, expo and also photo exhibition. 

So what happen if after so much effort there are still people like James Wong? In my opinion, I do not think one can see the big picture if he chooses to close his eyes and makes himself blind to see the truth.  

The truth is that this war is illegal, and undeniably immoral. I could not find any reason why well-educated Malaysians, Muslims and non-Muslims, would support the war unless they are misguided by the Bush Administration’s propagandists and their agents stationed in this country. 

My free advice to Mr James Wong – “See no evil, hear no evil, and of course say no evil.”

Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz

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