Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mesti tonton! [Video] Perkara-perkara yang saya rindu tentang sidang akhbar Tun M #BNPilihanOrgMuda

"[Peacefull assembly] This government respond to the people very quicky, during my time I don't respond at all."

"[Middle-east uprising] I think they're going to face big problem. To overthrow the government is relatively easy, but to replace the government with a new government especially in accordance with democratic practices in countries which never known democracy is quite difficult"

"[UMNO members on the same page] It is better than in 2008, obviously. Because in 2008 I know a lot of UMNO members voted for the opposition, not because they are less UMNO, but they dont like the leadership at that time."

"[Anything special about the opposition] Saya ingat kita kena hormat mahkamah. Kita tok sah lari la dari mahkamah."

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nyonyacyber said...

Tun M ttp idola ku yg terbaik selamanya :)

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