Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pembunuh Gadaffi: "I shot him twice, in head and in chest"

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It doesn't matter whether you liked Qaddafi or didn't, he surrendered under a white flag of surrender and was murdered for surrendering. This is a war crime, and needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And, if it is found that any government official, such as Hillary Clinton, proposed that Qaddafi be executed as he surrendered, then those government officials must be tried for murder, and held accountable. Anything less than justice for Col. Qaddafi means we are equally guilty!!

rjc071 3 hours ago 8

This stupid, idiot don't even realize what him and other rats like him have done. Those same Nato forces who paid this numbskull will soon kill him and his future generations. Ghaddafi had 0 debt owed to foreign bankers and gave each citizen who married 5,000. there was no homeless and clean water from a genius river created under ghaddafi from the sahara desert. Now, debt, death, eugenics, and mass divisive genocide is in Libyan's future. Welcome to democracy this guy is a trator to humanity

GATHERING144 4 hours ago 7

You are a fucking coward, killing a 69 years old doesnt make you a hero. May you life end, in brutal way too. In my country we have a saying:" When the tree fells,even the handicap can gather woods...

belamiable 20 hours ago 9

Executed twice - excellent - that should have and could have been done many years ago - one bullet was needed, that's all - and one brave man or woman, to free the Libyan people from the nightmare they went through with this animal family -

Sun4Niebieskieoczy 1 day ago

This guy should be held on trial then given the death sentence. They claim they wanted diplomacy, quiet clearly all they wanted was his money. Anyone who thinks syria is next is deluded, they have no oil and David Cameron can't afford another war, he's used all our bombs. If this was a normal uprising and they killed him, fine. But this was all on the name of diplomacy, bollocks is all I can say

TheEgoCity 1 day ago

War Criminals & Mass Murderers should stand trial like the Nazis at Nuremberg. 'obama', Clinton, Bush Co. (Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Powell, ect) are all Mass Murderers &, like their Nazi progenitors, should stand trial for their crimes. New reports are revealing the Quadaffi was under a 'white flag' when his convoy was attacked, indicating he may have wanted to surrender. He should have been captured, & stood trial for his crimes. Libya shouldn't even have been attacked in the 1st place...

TheZenoEffect 1 day ago

@VinkiTeddyBear Libya under Gadaffi could've been described as 'Muslim Socialism', a completely unique experiment in the Muslim World. Now, the NEW Libyan government has announced a hard-line Muslim theocracy based on the tenants of Sharia Law. If this is a foreign policy 'victory' for anyone, it's the Neocons. Now Al Qaeda has a base in the heart of the Mediterranean from which they can menace the entire region. And don't forget about the 20K stinger missiles 'missing' from Libya's stockpile.

TheZenoEffect 1 day ago


Remy said...

Al-Fatihah buat Ghadaffi.. lepas ni tahu la rakyat libya.. bila dah duduk bawah telunjuk barat... masa tu baru menyesal tak sudah.. tak sabar nak tgk saat tu..

Ajika said...

Salam, saya sokong remy 100%, di malaysia munkin akan berlaku ( melayu akan menyesal ) kalau undi pembangkang. oleh itu gunakan otak dan jangan hati semasa undi, walau pun tak suka umno, umno ada lah payung melayu. fikir fikirkan lah. Jangan menyesal kemudian hari. Sekian wasalam.

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