Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Namewee ikon anak muda? Pemimpin BN dan PR memang ada masalah!

[Nota: Walaupun filem Nasi Lemak 2.0 mendapat sambutan dan mempunyai mesej yang baik, namun rakyat terus menyelar dan membenci Namewee. Terbaru Blogger 1Peluru telah memaparkan komen dari seorang Melayu dari luar negara yang marah terhadap Namewee. Komen ini boleh dibaca di bawah.

Kenapa rakyat terus membenci Namewee? Adakah dia tidak berbakat? Tidak, dia dibenci kerana sikap kurang ajarnya. Siapa yang ajar dia? Entahlah, mungkin kalau sejak kecil sudah diajar mencarut dan memaki hamun, bila besar inilah hasilnya.

Apa Namewee sebut di dalam video ini? Lanchiow, orang Melayu pun tak suka kerja, semua masuk hutan hidup macam sakai, siti inshah suck banana, cibai TNB, TNB lanchiow, di hujung video klip perhatikan t-shirtnya yang bertulisan `FUCK THE POLICE' - kalau inilah hendak dijadikan ikon dan contoh kepada anak-anak muda, maka pemimpin BN dan pemimpin pembangkang memang ada masalah nilai dan fikrah!

Seingat saya Namewee mengkritik keistimewaan yang diberi kepada Bumiputera, malangnya dia sendiri lupa bahawa dia telah meminta diberi keistimewaan - 1. berjumpa menteri di Parlimen tanpa memakai pakaian yang sesuai 2. kononnya mendapat dana untuk membuat filem Nasi Lemak 2.0. Jangan cakap pasal keistimewaan orang lain lah kalau sendiri juga minta diberi keistimewaan.]

dipetik dari komen berkaitan namewee dari entri sebelum ini... terima kasih kepada pengomen2 yang memberikan input2 bernas dalam blog ini! lu orang rocksss!!
I am an overseas Malay who is seeing his country torn apart from afar. I can't stand it. I can't reveal myself because i work closely with the chinese. But I know their games.

I have seen Namewee rant on youtube against TNB, made fun of our national anthem, and ridicule the Islamic morning call for prayer.

The fact he swears against Utusan is obviously part of his pattern of behavior.

I have not seen him rail against Genting for the promotion of bad gambling practices among the Chinese community that have torn families apart. I have not seen him shout and curse the ah longs who cheat unwary debtors. I have not seen him make a video against those Chinese who manipulate the property market or who leave our country due to their lack of patriotism.

The pattern is clear. Namewee only shouts against anything that is Malay/Muslim dominated. He will not criticise his own kind. He is the epitome of DAP chauvinism. For all I know, Namewee is the trojan horse used by DAP!

Let’s assess again what Namewee has achieved through this movie (NASI LEMAK 2.0)

· -He has demoted once popular entertainment stars to second or third billing. These people include Adflin Shauki, Adibah Noor and David Arumugam. I pity those actors for falling for his tricks.

· -The Chinese business machinery has been strong in marketing the film, putting Namewee as the main attraction. This further cements their sense of superiority over others.

· -The Chinese political establishment along with their weak Malay/Indian lapdogs have swallowed hook, line and sinker the notion that Namewee is a ‘reformed’ individual who is worthy of the 1Malaysia effort

· -A movie that cost 1.5 million to produce has reportedly earned 4 million at the box office mainly due to its notoriety, even though many critics have panned it. They denounced the movie as simple, boring and amateurish. People who watched the movie effectively had their money wasted, if not stolen.

· -In the face of lack of interest from the Malay majority, Namewee rants on Youtube against a pro-Malay newspaper to garner more attention. Obviously, his goal is not to get Malays to watch the movie. His goal is to further inflame Malay disgust at chauvinistic Chinese, who enjoy feigning the role of 'victim' in Malaysian society. Effectively he is creating more hatred among the races!

· -He has manipulated and made Malay ministers appear foolish and weak for lending their support to his ‘film’

· His opposition cronies, especially DAP love that Namewee is now their symbol and figurehead. He is their poster child to show the world about the Malaysian Chinese fake 'victimhood' and '2nd class citizenship' . What rubbish!

If Namewee really wanted to criticise Utusan, why didn't he hold a press conference with the Chinese media or DAP? I am sure they would have accommodated him. Or why didn't he have the courage to face the Utusan writer in person and argue as a civilised human being why the article is incorrect.

Being a 'mass comm' major , which he boasted a couple of times in his Youtube rant, he should know the proper channels of conveying a message. Using the F word to express himself on youtube, even when bleeped out, is not acceptable in any civilised society. This is what spoilt emo teenagers do, before they commit suicide.

This incident should teach us all a lesson—1Malaysia can’t work with people who are inbred to be chauvinistic and racist.

The Chinese should repudiate Namewee . 1Malaysia doesn't need him and his ilk!

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