Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PKR - parti luar yg makin mengganas

Lanun-lanun PKR - parti luar yang bermaharajalela

Awasi parti luar dan parti lanun yang semakin mengganas. Masih ingat Batu Sapi? Pandangan orang tempatan ditolak. Tidakkah yang sama sedang berlaku terhadap SNAP? Rakyat Sarawak perlu tolak parti pembulak dan pemimpinnya bermasalah. Tolak parti anak beranak dan madu yang ingin men'jajah' dan membulak.


Kuching: In an hour long press conference, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) sole State Assemblyman for Padungan, Dominique Ng quit and will stand as an independent in either Batu Lintang or Padungan. Going through history of how he quit DAP and joined PKR, Ng said he did not want to reveal where he would be standing but told the media to expect him at MBKS building.

MBKS will be the centre for three constituency for Padungan, Pending and Batu Lintang. Going through the last few days event of negotiation and how the seat was swapped, Ng said he was upset when told that Padungan was given to DAP. He claimed that he had printed all his posters, bunting and done his badges. He was given the assumption that he would be standing in Batu Lintang and changed the constituency name in the posters.

Although Deputy President, Azmi Ali offered him a Parliamentary seat, Ng said he declined to accept it. "I have two birds in my hands and they both flown. How could I have the one bird in the bush," he said of the proverb, A bird in the hands is better than two in the bush. Saying that there are enemies within PKR and Trojan horse, Ng said it was a plot to get rid of him. He also spoke bitterly of the Chong's family which caused him to have a fallout with DAP.

Ng joined PKR in 1999 and in the same year, he stood as an Independent candidate in a 3-corner fight with Chong Chieng Jen and SUPP Datuk Song Swee Guan. Song won the election. Saying that he would never joined the BN, Ng said if he lost in this election, he would get out of politics altogether and concentrate on his legal firm. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

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