Monday, May 20, 2013

Disjointed? Look who's talking...

Disjointed and wrong strategies? A quick analysis on what has Jebat blogged on before the 13th General Election. 3 articles in March, 6 articles in April and 2 articles in May before the D-day. I reckon he blogged more frequent post election. 

It seems that he is more interested in the post GE13 events rather than putting all the energy and efforts to ensure BN winning before the D-day. 

May be he is not aware of the terms & acronyms like war-room, RRT and ODS. 

Disjointed? The term describes him more than us..... 

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zakzak said...

If so then why we lost a lot of middle class votes?
Do the middle class were hoodwinked by the Pakatan blogs? Hey most of what they wrote might not be truthful, but the middle class people still believes it. Why? Please do not say they were bodoh, mudah percaya berita2 tipu. The fact that BN blogger lost in cyberwar is as clear as crystal ball.

One thing I notice is the usage of infographic. Pakatans is way better, consistent, and looks believable.(i am stressing on the word believable)

You know what? I read my daily dose of political story from Jebat, bigcat,syedoutsidebox, helenang, lifeofannie, ellese, dinturtle, rockybru, mymassa,aidc, and some others with good articles. Ohh...and AkuPeduliApa. Not copy paste one ok?

I rarely, if i ever did, read those from UMB.

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